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Don't assume your vices get handed down the line,

That a parent's blood suffices to condemn the child's desires.

Nicholas Prod
12 December 1963
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Nicholas Aeneas Prod.

Born - 12 December 1963.
Raised - Castle Point, Essex, England.
Blood - Pure.
Schooled - Slytherin, Class of 1982.
Now Living - Castle Point, Essex, England.
Working - Student.
Family - Iago (father) and Viola (mother). Antonio (uncle), Jenny (aunt), Rowan (uncle), Ophelia (aunt), Orlando (uncle), DJ (aunt). Geneva and Tracey (cousins). Related to the Bobbins on his mother's side and Lestranges on his father's.
Marital - Kind of seeing Ramona Robins.
Otherwise - Aimlessly ambitious and terminally lazy. Happens to the best of us.

"Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good." - Soren Kirkegaard

OOC - Not Nicholas. / Not Nicholas (LOL). / Not JK Rowling.
Journal Titles from "Like Father, Like Son" by Tim Rice and Elton John.
The person(s) and situations portrayed in this journal are fictional.
annoying dj, aren giovanni, arithmancy, avoiding being caught, avoiding homework, being ungentlemanly, blood lollipops, breaking rules, doing things, experimental mathematics, getting a reaction, getting heather worked up, heather hornby, herbology, hogsmeade, kitty calhoun, maybe physics, octavian flint, quidditch, raising hell, ramona robins, sleeping in class, slytherclaws, stuff, teasing abby, tormenting firsties, worms, worms in abby's bag